Get Your War On?

Get Your War On : A series of comic strips which find the humor (albeit ‘black’) and glaring truth within the Bush Administration’s ridiculous policies and day-to-day antics, with stinging sarcasm, and biting panache(Yes, panache!).

Highly recommended for all those who have a tendency to react to today’s Newspaper (aka Birdcage Liner) stories as : “…Am I the only one who finds all of this insane…?”

Apparently Not.

3 thoughts on “Get Your War On?

  1. As-Salaam Wa Alaikum brother Irving. Insh’allah, I have made the intention to purchase your book as soon as possible. The premise looks very engaging Mash’allah. Take Care, and May Allah bless you for your noblest of intentions.

    As-Salaam Wa Alaikum Baraka – It is pretty funny, isn’t it?–>

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