So it Begins…

Well, here we are: A brand new, shiny blog. But Outward looks are not the order for the day. Instead, this blog will focus on finding the cosmetic to beautify our hearts. Our sirr. Our self and our souls.

Tall order? Maybe. But in a world where spirituality is scarcer than accountability; where up is down, and the rabbit hole branches in to a 72-headed hydra of hypocrisy everywhere you turn,…a light is necessary. Will I provide that light? No. I’m just a spectator. But a seeker as well. Seeking what? Why, the path of course.

The Paths to Paradise are many, as are those to Hell. But the Path to Allah? But One.

That is the Path which consolidates all Paths.

The Path of Remembrance.
The Path of Struggle.
The Path of Humility.
The Path of Strength.
The Path of Mercy.
The Path of Rasulallah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

Insh’allah, May Allah guide this blogger as a doctor in Rural India, as a seeker of true knowledge(given by the true Shaykhs – the heirs of the prophets), as a critic of socio-political injustices, as a reflector of creation, as a husband and finally a father. May Allah guide his family, his brothers and sisters, this ummah, and this world to Love.To Light. And Finally, to Him. Ameen.

We all begin in darkness. But we are all destined for light. If you seek, You will find there are Oceans.