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Selam Aleykum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu




May Allah bless you and your families and fill your homes and your hearts with felicity and peace this Eid. Ameen! For the sake of the Most Beloved One in Divine Presence.



Turkey: A Return to Ottoman Times


Ottoman Administration of the ME has Become a Book



By Erdal Sen, Ankara
Saturday, August 12, 2006


The Middle East has suffered from constant bloodshed since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The current tragedy in Lebanon and Palestine is an example of the Middle East tragedy.

The Turkish Prime Ministry has published a book describing the Ottoman administration in the Middle East. Prepared by the Ministry State Archives Directorate General, the book titled “Living Together Under the Sky as Canopy”. The preface touches upon the main problem World “is facing today , lack of tolerance ”, The book gives the details of Ottoman administrative philosophy that would benefit the current governments in the area.

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Small Sohbet at Dergah


Selam Aleykum,

– I took a few videos from my trip to the Upstate Dergah this past Weekend. This is the first of them, with a small sohbet from our Sheykh, following our Taraweeh prayers. Insh’Allah, I will link to a few more soon.

Papal Complicity?


Selam Aleykum,

The recent attempt to demonize the Holy Prophet(ASWS) and all of Islam as having brought “nothing but evil”, by the latest pope no less, is based on the most garish of mythical prejudices perpetrated throughout history by self-proclaimed enemies, orientalists, and war profiteers. Still, one may assume, ignoring all reason and common sense, that this latest episode is the result of a combination of both malignant ignorance, or senility, both of which equally assume that the pope is solely responsible for the choice of ‘holy’ words which sprang forth from his ‘blessed’ mouth. Such a view provides maximum benefit of doubt to Mr. Benedict and the think tank of the Catholic Church, and is one which many sympathizing catholics and professional finess’ers are using right now- to grapple themselves out of any and all responsibility. But logic and intelligence must follow the facts – Why, oh why, did (t)His Holiness, the head of the (Roman) Catholic Church, quote a Middle Age Byzantine king of the rival Orthodox Church in order to paint the world’s second largest religion, it’s followers and its most revered figure – as villanous heathens? And why now?-when the entire world is propagated-to as beset on all sides by “Islamo-fascist” terrorism and the ringmasters cannot stop bellowing of the ineffable link between it and Islam, maneuvering all ties to regional politics and geo-history in favor of embracing ‘lunacy’?

Orchestrated opportunism is the word alarm for the times. To all who may come to read this – if you are sincere in knowing the ‘Truth’, search and use intelligence. Faith is supported by it. Sincerity is key for divine support. I cast a cautious eye to Pope Benedict and the entourage who drummed up such a stance, to War-mongerering barons and their claim of monopoly on the Truth, to power weilders and their selfish polemic, and to all those who would profit from abandoning reason for mob mentality – even as I send ‘Fatiha'(the opening chapter of the Qur’an) to pray for Pope John Paul II, may Allah bless him.

Those interested in investigating the legitimacy and honesty of Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church’s statement may like to read the following essay(s). May Allah bless us and bring us to His presence for the sake of His most beloved one. Ameen.


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September 23, 2006
Gush Shalom (Israel)

by Uri Avnery

[Uri Avnery, founding member of Gush Shalom, was a
member of the Irgun, wounded as an Israeli commando,
elected three times to the Knesset, publisher of
Ha’olam Haze, and the recipent of several awards.]

Since the days when Roman Emperors threw Christians to
the lions, the relations between the emperors and the
heads of the church have undergone many changes.

Constantine the Great, who became Emperor in the year
306 – exactly 1700 years ago – encouraged the practice
of Christianity in the empire, which included
Palestine. Centuries later, the church split into an
Eastern (Orthodox) and a Western (Catholic) part. In
the West, the Bishop of Rome, who acquired the title
of Pope, demanded that the Emperor accept his

The struggle between the Emperors and the Popes played
a central role in European history and divided the
peoples. It knew ups and downs. Some Emperors
dismissed or expelled a Pope, some Popes dismissed or
excommunicated an Emperor. One of the Emperors, Henry
IV, “walked to Canossa”, standing for three days
barefoot in the snow in front of the Pope’s castle,
until the Pope deigned to annul his excommunication.

But there were times when Emperors and Popes lived in
peace with each other. We are witnessing such a period
today. Between the present Pope, Benedict XVI, and the
present Emperor, George Bush II, there exists a
wonderful harmony. Last week’s speech by the Pope,
which aroused a world-wide storm, went well with
Bush’s crusade against “Islamofascism” , in the context
of the “Clash of Civilizations” .

IN HIS lecture at a German university, the 265th Pope
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