Sohbet 1: “Sheykh Abdul Qadir Geylani(RA)’s Kingly Lifestyle”- July 11, 2006




Tuesday 15 Jumad al-Ahir, 1427
July 11, 2006

Sheykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

(After reading from the sohbet of Sheykh Mevlana Nazim, a murid asked:
“Great saints like Abdul Qadir Geylani didn’t have so much. Then after
a certain point they were living like kings. What’s the secret behind

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

It was just said in the sohbet. The world is given in their hand and
under their authority. But they don’t have it for themselves. They
have it for others. He wasn’t sitting and eating like that too. He was
eating only to show people that he was eating. But Allah is saying
that those who reached to that station, their eating is counted as
worship, their sleeping is counted as worship and their talking is
counted as worship. There was a Sheykh who was always giving advice to
his murids about these three things, saying, “Don’t do these three
things. Don’t eat too much, don’t sleep too much and don’t talk too
much. One day some person came from somewhere and the murids heard
that this man is a Sheykh. In the dergah he was talking with them. He
was talking non-stop. The murids were listening to him. When he was
going to sleep he wouldn’t get up. As soon as he gets up he starts
eating non-stop. The murids were thinking, “This man talks like a
Sheykh but our Sheykh taught us that a man shouldn’t drink too much,
eat too much, sleep too much and talk too much. This one is a Sheykh
and he is doing the opposite.” They went to their Sheykh and told him
what happened. He said to them, “There must be something wrong. But
let me just go and look at it.” That one was a hidden one. When the
Sheykh came to him he looked and said, “Don’t you know Allah says that
those who reached to that station their eating is worship, their
sleeping is worship and their talking is worship?” He said, “Yes.
Please, you must speak to every one of us from now on.”

There is a test that Allah puts people through with their lives.
Today, everyone is playing games saying, “Ah, I am under the test.”
There are a couple of questions, whether you give answer to them or
not, you pass. The (real) test is not like that. Allah put those
people through that test with their lives. If they passed that test
then everything was given to them because they were not for Dunya,
they were for Akhirat. Everything was under their authority.

Abdul Qadir Geylani (qaddasallau sirruh) was living alone in the
mountain. He wasn’t running to find food or other things. He was
keeping himself busy with Allah. He wasn’t worrying and running to pay
rent or work saying, “I need this and I need that.” No. He said,
“Allah is going to provide me with what I need. If it’s necessary for
me then He is going to.” That was the submission that he had. He was
worshipping. And whenever it was necessary and he really needed to eat
something, he would find some grass, which I remember from my
childhood that we were doing that on the mountain. We were finding
some kind of mountain grass [greens] that doesn’t need to be cooked
and we were eating it. And it fills you up. What do you need? The
water is there too. What else do you need? What is the need of man?
Man has to know first what his need is. But today’s people’s need is
never ending. There is no end to their needs. They are piling
everywhere and before you know it they are scared to use it too.

They were not like that. They were going through tests which Allah was
putting. He (Abdul Qadir Geylani Hazretleri) passed the test. He was
eating grass, water and keeping himself busy with Allah only. He
wasn’t running around to teach people too. He didn’t care if he was
going to be a Sheykh or he was going to have these many people
following him. No. He was not running for that. So Allah was looking
at his sincerity. Then Allah inspired him, saying to him, “Go down to
Baghdad and live like a king from now on. Eat like a king, live like a
king and give the secrets to people.” He got the command. He didn’t
worry to think, “How am I going to live like a king.” He said, “Allah
is moving me.” While Allah was moving that one and when he was
entering to Baghdad, Allah was inspiring the richest man in Baghdad
saying, “Go to the entrance of the city and you are going to find My
servant coming. From now on you will be his servant. Serve him and you
will find safety in Dunya and Akhirat.” The man had faith. He had the
money too. He had the wealth. He built everything and he realized,
“Oh, this is what I built it for. So I must go to see the owner who is
coming.” So he went, he saw Abdul Qadir Geylani (qs) coming and he
said, “Please, come to be my guest. Allah is ordering me to serve
you.” He had a place like a palace. He (Abdul Qadir Hazratleri) didn’t
run to build it. Allah built it for him through other people. And he
wasn’t using it for himself. He was using it for other people again.

So alhamdulillah, it is easy for Allah. It is not easy for man. When
he gives a little bit he starts shaking, he starts worrying, he starts
counting, he starts thinking and he starts planning. But Allah has
endless treasures. It (submission) is not by words. Sheykh says to
that one, “Give this to that poor one.” These days they don’t give it
to the Sheykhs also. If Sheykh says, “Bring the treasure and put it
there”, what do people say? What are they going to say? “He is trying
to fool me. He is trying to steal from me.” Sheykh doesn’t need that.
He is not for Dunya. He is in Dunya but he is not for Dunya. He is in
Dunya for people, for their safety. Nothing else. If it’s necessary to
take things away from you then he has to take things away from you
because of your love and attachment to that. So many people say, “I am
so generous” but they are so much in love with those things. They make
show that they are generous but they are not really. So Sheykh touches
from this angle, that angle, moves it a little bit. As soon as he
touches the button then `grrrr…’. Now he says, “Huh, that is in your
heart. Dunya is in your heart.” As long as dunya is in your heart no
love of Akhirat is going to open. Impossible. You are not going to
smell Paradise when the Dunya is in your heart. But when the Dunya is
in your hand then yes. (Sheykh Efendi picks up a saucer with his index
finger and thumb). This is how he was holding the Dunya. He had to,
because he was living in Dunya.

What are today’s people living for? Leave the unbelievers. What are
the believers living for? Dunya. Millions, for Dunya. That’s why they
are not running to tariqats and to Sheykhs to give submission because
submission comes with everything that you have. Not only by word
saying, “I am submitting myself to you.”

“Are you submitting?”


Then Sheykh has the right to say to you, “Take out your clothes and
put it there too.” Do you think that the one who has authority on your
spirit doesn’t have authority on your wealth and your health? He can
take it away from your hand so fast. And it is a blessing if the
Sheykh says to you, “Go bring me this, bring me that and give me
that.” It’s a big blessing to you. But this mentality is gone today.
People lost this faith. People lost faith these days. Murids lost
faith, people who call themselves murids, not murids-murids (real
murids). Murids will never lose faith, the ones who are murid. But the
ones who call themselves murids, some of them lost this faith. As soon
as you touch they start bargaining with you. What is the bargain? Can
a slave bargain with his owner? That is his owner. If the owner says
to his slave, “O my slave, what would you like to eat and drink?” He
says, “As you like. Whatever you give to me.”

He asks, “What would you like to wear?”

“Whatever you give to me.”

“Where do you want to sleep?”

“Any place that you show to me.”

He tries him like this and then he says to him, “Because you have so
much submission like this I am giving you your freedom. You are not a
slave anymore.” And he asks, “How come you are like that?” He says,
“Because I know that I am a slave. And if I am a slave and I am
accepting it then how can I rise and say to you, `I want this and I
want that?’ You are my owner. You know what my need is and you are
going to give me that.” Hmm. Murids have no trust in their Sheykh.
That is Ahir Zaman, the end of times. Trust? You don’t know what
Sheykh has? You don’t know. He is not showing. If he says, “Don’t
breathe the air”, then breathe it. Go ahead. “Who cares?” he says to
them. “You are not in that book as murids anyway. Say anything you
like.” Huh, to be a murid, you need to have Adab, you need to have
manners. Everything starts opening to a man who has manners. The more
opens to him the more obedient he becomes to his Sheykh then. He can
see the paradises, he can enter and come back, but he will never leave
his Sheykh then because what he is looking for is not even in
Paradise. It is in his Sheykh’s hand and nobody else carries that.

So today Sufism, tariqat became people’s running to have some
entertainment. Some are running to have some comfort. Some are already
fed up with the outside world and they are getting old. They cannot do
anything. They are tired of sitting home and so they are running to
tariqat. This is the mentality of today’s tariqat. But did tariqats
change and did Sheykhs lose that power? No. They still have it. But
this Dunya is garbage. So they are not looking for it. They are
circling around this world and they are just checking people. You may
be sitting next to him for twenty years and you may get nothing. He is
circling in the world, he is looking and he says, “This one has good
behavior.” He gives it to that one and walks away. He never finishes.
The more he gives the more comes. But can you give diamond to the hand
of an ignorant person? Can you take a diamond and throw it in front of
a pig? What is he going to do with it?

So first you have to know what the treasure is. You have to know what
you are looking for. And to get that you have to know what you have to
sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something. Everyone has to sacrifice
something. If you are not sacrificing it means that you are not really
ready and prepared to get what is there. You just want it for your own
ego. You are never going to get that for your ego because then ego is
going to cut your neck off. Sheytan is going to take that treasure,
that secret and he is going to go away. And you will be in big trouble
then. So yes, in tariqat sometimes Sheykhs show the people the most
luxurious life and sometimes they show them the worst lifestyle that
people are going through. You have to go through it to understand. You
may be with the Sheykh one week and you will be living like a king and
the next week you will be living like a beggar in the street. Sheykh
has the right to tell you, “Let’s go, we are going outside now to
start begging from people.” Heh, what will you do then? If you have no
submission, what are you going to do? You are going to say, “He is a
thief. Is he trying to teach me how to steal or to ask from people?”

So submission comes with everything you have. You no longer have your
own ideas of thinking and understanding. If you cannot think the way
that the Sheykh is directing you then it is forbidden for you to think
and to try to analyze things by your own self because you are going to
come to the wrong understanding. Sheytan is going to be there. So your
Sheykh is not there. Sheytan is going to be your Sheykh. And you are
still going to say, “He is my Sheykh.” But no. Sheytan is your Sheykh.
Sheytan is giving you directions then.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

This much is enough for you and for me inshaAllah.




BismillahirRahmanir Rahim


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 10 Rabi-ul Awwal, 1428
March 29, 2007
Osmanli Naks’i-bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim
BismillahirRahmanir Rahim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.
As-salatu wa as-salamu rasulina wa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim


Alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah. Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) has granted us something that Muslims in these days are not
really understanding what is this high station. Just one first thing
is being from the mankind. He created us from the mankind. That should
be enough for a man to sit down and think. When he is looking around
(he should understand that) he could have been an animal, a mosquito,
an ant. He has granted us, created us, He gave us the title and He is
saying to us, “We have honored the children of Adam.” He is giving
honor, the Creator is giving honor to the children of Adam, to those
who are running to catch that title, what is given by the Lord of the
Heavens, MashaAllah to those. Those who are not running and they are
just running to fulfill their foolish desires, their desires are
fooling them, they are running only for this materialistic world and
they are not trying to be servants, it’s very sad for them. They
should be very sad.

Muslims are looking at those who are running after materialistic
world. In these days they are becoming worse than them, following
them. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created us in Ahsani Taqweem and
we can only get that title and go out of this world with that title as
a `human’ when we reach to understand that we have not been created
for our ego but we have been created for the service of our Lord. That
gives us value. Otherwise, as a man we don’t have too much value.
Animals have more value because they work, they produce something and
we are using what they are doing. But we, we are only taking and
destroying the mankind.

So if man is not being servant to his Lord, he can build the world in
the east and the west, he can put buildings in every corner of the
world, he can put this technology reaching from here to the moon and
from the moon to other worlds, but he has not accomplished anything
because he has not understood his reason of creation. If man is not
understanding his reason of creation then he is not understanding for
whose sake he has been created.


So we have gathered here trying to celebrate, trying to understand and
to acknowledge the station that is given to our Prophet (sws) and that
our existence is because of that Prophet (sws). Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) is saying, “If We had not created you, We would not have
created anything. We have created you to be a mercy to the whole
mankind.” But as I said earlier, we Muslims should be taking that in a
much higher station because Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has granted us
to be from the nation of Muhammad (sws). Just being one from the
nation of Muhammad (sws) and if you carry that properly you will see
the reward in the Judgment Day. All prophets, 124,000 prophets have
been created and on the Day of Creation they asked to be from the
nation of Muhammad (sws). Instead of being prophets they were ready to
give up from that title saying, “Oh our Lord, make us to be one
follower of that Muhammad (sws).” Including big prophets to whom big
books were given, all were asking. Allah said to them, “No. What I
have given to you, if you keep that then My happiness and pleasure
with you is in that. What I am giving to the nation of Muhammad (sws),
My happiness with them is in that.”

So, we must give good tidings to that Prophet (sws), give Salawats as
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is ordering to us in the Holy Qur’an, Allah
is saying, “Allah and His angels are praising that Prophet. Oh
believers, you do the same.” If a man is sitting and doing nothing,
just praising that Prophet (sws), he will not be sorry in the Judgment
Day. Just giving good titles to that Prophet (sws). For us, our being
in existence is because of that Prophet (sws).


So first we must understand our Prophet (sws). We must understand how
to love that Prophet (sws). Through that love then we will reach to
our Lord. Without that Prophet (sws), it is impossible for a man to
understand why he is in this world, what is his reason and what is it
that he has to do. Impossible. If it’s possible then show me. Look at
east and west, north and south, Christians, Jews, heedless Muslims,
Buddhists, Yogis, Bogis all, whatever, count. Look at them. Those who
are not holding tightly to the rope of that Prophet (sws), they are
falling short. Must be falling short. For them to reach and complete
their station they must be running after that Prophet (sws) and must
be saying, “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan
abduhu wa rasuluhu.” If they are not saying that then Sheytan is
fooling someway, somewhere, somehow again.

But Muslims today are being wrong examples because the Muslims are not
living, they are not trying to hold the lifestyle that the Holy
Prophet (sws) has showing, and his teachings. But they are running to
invent and to run after some new lifestyles and saying, “We have to
moderate Islam. Moderation. We must make moderation.” Allahu Akbar!
Squareheads only may think like that. Fourteen hundred years ago Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) finished His book, sending it, completing it and
saying, “Today We have completed your religion.” It’s finished. There
is nothing that you can put in it and there is nothing that you can
take out. Anything you take out, it will become like what the
Christians and Jews did. They took out from their religion and
replaced with something new in it and now under the name of religion
there is no religion. Under the name of love of Jesus everyone only
loves themselves, under the name of loving Moses everyone is loving
themselves and everyone is running, putting more fuel to destroy this

The reason of this mankind in this world is not that. Life is very
short. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is giving very short life to us,
especially to this nation, the nation of Muhammad (sws). Sixty years
of life on earth. With that sixty years of lifetime we have to earn
the life that is waiting for us. Eternal life. And nobody’s
guaranteeing sixty years of life too. Unexpectedly one wind is coming
and knocking you down. So we have to be prepared for everything all
the time. We have no luxury to miss things, to delay today’s things
for tomorrow. No. That’s why Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “If you
leave today’s job for tomorrow, you have perished. You have lost.”


So the Muslims, instead of running to catch up the wrong lifestyle
that is presented to mankind through the West, western ideas, under
the name of democracies- hypocrisies and all these nonsense, must turn
back, must run back to the Prophet (sws) to take what Prophet (sws)
brought to us from that time because nothing is stale. Everything is
fresh and alive. Whatever he brought to us fourteen hundred years ago
just fits to our lifestyle today too. If anyone is saying, “Islam is
backward and it’s bringing us backward” then he must look how Islam
rose and when Islam was ruling how it ruled east, west, north and
south. And check the history. You don’t have to go too far. Just one
page over, one century almost. Turn that page and look that one
nation, one ruling system, sitting in Istanbul and controlling the
whole east, west, north and south. They didn’t have technologies, they
didn’t have all of today’s equipments that instantly you speak here
and they see it in China, all these fast communications, they didn’t
have that. But they were able and capable to rule 72 different
nations, different tribes, different people, different religions under
one banner and they were not eating each other. They were all happy
with their life. From time to time some sheytans here and there were
just trying to put some confusion but the one who was ruling for the
sake of Allah was strong and he was taking that one out. Not going and
destroying everyone around but saying, “That is the one who is wrong.
Take that one out”, and making everything easygoing again.

This world has seen better days definitely than today. I was just
remembering, sitting down, thinking and remembering some old days back
(and I am saying old days but it’s only twenty years ago), and I was
looking and seeing. Go to the archives if you want. You will find in
the front pages of newspapers, if one person died accidentally
somewhere, the whole front page of the newspaper was for that person,
saving it, giving whole details and continuing the next day, the
following day, for three-four days. Now every single day everywhere in
the world bombs are blowing, thousands, hundreds of people are dying,
destroyed, becoming pieces but there is no mention anywhere anymore,
saying, “It’s common. Something normal is happening.” That is a big
sign that mankind has lost and became very cruel. Not only the ones
who are not putting it out for it to appear for people to take some
lesson but also those ones who are completely heedless and not
understanding what is happening in this world.

So we have lost. The mankind has lost just because they left the way
of the Holy Prophet (sws). When they held the way that the Holy
Prophet (sws) was showing, it brought 72 different tribes of nations
under one banner, the banner of Islam. They were not fighting, they
were not eating each other and they were not separating from each
other. Today, under the name of Islam, Muslims nations have separated,
they put borderlines and in those borderlines they have the world’s
heaviest machineries that not even birds can fly from one side to
another side. This is not civilization. Civilization was done by Islam
that even a hundred years ago you could have taken off from Morocco
going all the way down to Indonesia and you didn’t need anything else
but just one passport, one ID with which you could go everywhere. That
was civilization.

Now mankind lost. They can say as much as they want, “We did this and
we did that.” No. Nothing. Zero because all these equipments that we
have, all this technology we have is just to make it easier for us.
But it’s making it harder and mankind is turning and becoming a slave
to the technology and the medicine and everything he built. So it lost.


And there is only one way out. There aren’t two ways out. There’s only
one way out. The one way out is putting everything down and turning
back to that Prophet (sws), saying, “Let me look what this Prophet was
saying for this time. Let me just search.” You don’t have to be a
Muslim. No. Just be a sincere man to say, “Let me just search about
this Prophet to see what he said from that time up till now and if it
happened.” That time you will see it right in front of you appearing,
shining in the east and west, north and south. You are going to see
that Prophet above humanity as Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying,
“We have created you in Ahsani Taqweem” and “We have created you as
Rahmatan-lil Alameen.” Rahmat, the mercy. Anyone who is looking for
mercy and safety must run to that Prophet (sws) and must hold on to
that Prophet (sws).

Otherwise, today you know that mankind is not even having mercy to
their own children. How are they going to have mercy to others, other
nations, other tribes? How are they going to have mercy to the ones
that they are fighting? How are they going to have mercy to the ones
that they are hating? Impossible. Only way is to turn back, not by
word, not by tongue, not just by outfit only too, no. The lifestyle,
the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws) is not only the clothes. It’s his
lifestyle, his manner, how he was dealing with situations.

Today, we are looking in the east and west, and the majority of the
people are thinking, “Only me. Me, me.” Islam is saying, “You. First
you and later me.” The other ways are saying, “First me.” Mankind
never has enough for his ego. He is always wanting more, more and
more, never for somebody else but always looking at others too, “What
does that one have? It must be for me too. I must find the way to get
it.” They are pulling to that side and if it’s necessary they go out
of their way to kill for that. For what? For these materials, this
world. Mankind has lost, lost because they left the way that Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) has sent to us, and the way is Islam which is
shining, and the way to Islam is the Holy Prophet (sws). You are
leaving the ways of the Holy Prophet (sws) saying, “I know something”.
You know nothing about Islam then. If you don’t know the Prophet
(sws), if you don’t know what he brought to mankind then you are not
knowing anything from Islam. It doesn’t matter whoever that person is.
You can read not one book, if you read all the books in the world, if
those books are not making you understand, “This is the Prophet. Yes.
These are the ways and I must hold on to his way”, then you didn’t
learn anything.


So the words of the Prophet (sws) is the Shariat, the rules, the laws,
it’s the doings and not. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, which is
another miracle, that, “Qiyamat will not happen until a man sits down
and when you tell him, `The Prophet (sws) did this and that’, he will
start arguing with you saying, `But the Quran is saying this.’ And
when they leave what your Prophet (sws) is saying then they have lost
the ways.” This is exactly what’s happening today. Say, “Prophet (sws)
is saying this.” They are saying, “Brother, take the Quran. Quran.”
Squarehead! You cannot take the Quran by yourself, whoever you are.
That Prophet (sws) came to bring Quran and the Quran came to that
Prophet (sws). It didn’t come to you or to me. It didn’t come to him
as a book, saying, “Take and read.” It’s order coming to him and he is

And that Quran reached to us. He is saying and his sayings are the
Shariat, the laws. And his lifestyle, how he was living, is the
Tariqat, showing way to people. And all the Sahaba were following the
footsteps of that Holy Prophet (sws), the teachings of that Prophet
(sws). They were coming, listening, going home and applying it to
their lives, to their family members and they were seeing that their
life was becoming better everyday. Yes, we see it. We are seeing it.
Small tribes of the Arab nation that never ruled themselves by
themselves. They were always under the authority and ruling of other
nations, either the Persians, the Romans, the Byzantines or the other
ones, Egyptians. As soon as they came to Islam, in the shortest time
they became the strongest nation on the face of earth.

They brought that light (everywhere) . Just taking his horse, one
Sahabi was reaching to the other side of the world and bringing Islam.
Not bringing books! But bringing the manners and the teachings what he
has learned from the Holy Prophet (sws), bringing the Nur, the lights
of the Prophet (sws) to those parts, to those nations and whole Far
East, Eastern Asia and Middle East became Islam. Africa became Islam,
North Africa became Islam, all the way into Europe it’s reaching. They
didn’t bring tons of books, technologies, movies, CDs, computers.
Nothing, nothing, nothing. Just sitting on the horse, one sword just
to protect themselves from the attacks of animals and traveling. Not
going and saying to people, “We are the scholars and we are bringing
you this. Oh! Get together and stand up for me.” No. (But) saying,
“This is what the Prophet (sws) was saying, this is what the Prophet
(sws) was doing and this is how he was living.” And all those
different nations, when they were taking that seriously, before they
know it, the nation was changing, the people were changing.


So the message is to east and west, north and south. To America. You
want to change for better? You must turn to Islam. No other way. They
want to finish the problems? The terrorist problems? In Iraq, in
Afghanistan or here and there? Very easy. Very simple. Not to me, they
should not come to me but they should go to Sheykh Mevlana to ask,
“How should we do that?” Right away in twenty-four hours they will
find the recipe to finish it, if they are sincere. They tried
everything. It’s not happening. If you are for the sake of mankind and
you really are running to change something, you really know that you
are in that trouble, you cannot come out and you are trying
everything, then why not try that too? Very simple. You don’t need to
spend billions of dollars investing later to start collecting. No.
Just go (and say), “Yes sir, what can we do?” He will tell you

No other way but Islam. No other way but holding tightly to Holy
Prophet (sws) on the way of Islam. If mankind is looking for safety
then it must run for this. If they are not running for that then Islam
is not falling. It’s rising, rising. Every single day that they are
attacking, Allah is making Islam to rise. Allah is making that Prophet
(sws) to rise. They can attack in any way they like but that Prophet
(sws) is going to higher station, inshaAllah ar-Rahman.


And we are just here to do that which Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is
saying, “Oh believers, Allah and His angels are giving good titles to
that Prophet (sws). You do the same.” This is why we are here and
inshaAllah this is the holy month of the birth of the Holy Prophet
(sws). Yes, we must celebrate. They say, “Brother, is celebrating
Mawlid in Islam?” Ey, you are all celebrating your own birthdays and
you are not celebrating the birthday of that one for whose reason you
have been created? Why not? But they are celebrating the birthday of
Jesus. Christmas. Muslims. Those ones are celebrating who are against
the Holy Prophet’s (sws) birthday celebration, Mawlid. Run to them,
you look at them (and you see that) they are running in the Christmas
time to give presents to each other. What’s that? That’s not even
Jesus’ birthday. It’s just a holiday. Not a holy day, it’s not even a
holy day, holy-holy day. It’s just a financial day. In order not to
fall into financial crisis they have to sell, sell, sell, sell.

Huh! I just remembered when I came back from Turkey after September
11th happened, I landed down to New York City, came to New York City
and I am saying, “Ah, New York City is recovering mashaAllah from that
heat.” But there were nice flags everywhere, on the corners, on the
poles, on the light-poles saying, “Fight back to terrorism! Shop,
shop, shop. Go to Macy’s. Fight back to terrorism! Go to restaurants.
Eat. Go to buy this and go to buy that. Fight back to terrorism!”
MashaAllah. Fighting back to terrorism, go to stores. Huh! That shows
to us, oh big loss again. Mankind lost again. Mankind is not knowing
what is it doing.

But now is no longer time anymore too to look at what really the whole
mankind is doing. We have to look at what we are doing now. How we are
living. Are we falling into that trap of Sheytan and falling into that
wrong wagon? And while we are saying we are Muslims are we continuing
on that wrong wagon? That’s what happened to so many Muslims. Muslims
have fallen into the wrong side of that wagon and that is continuing,
going, and they are going. They are still claiming, “We are Muslims.
We are for the Prophet (sws).” No! You must change. You must run to
change the lifestyle and (take) what order is given to you by Allah
and His Prophet (sws) inshaAllah ar-Rahman.

This much should be enough for us.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

9 thoughts on “Sohbets

  1. I have found Naqshbandi-Sufi way to be the most beautiful way. I have studied alot of other tariqats, been to numerous lectures, read thousands of articles on and by different Sheikhs and although the other tariqats are good…there is something VERY different about Naqshbandi…everytime i read articles on Naqshbandi websites or hear lectures from Naqshbandi Sheikhs I feel as though the Almighty is shedding more light to me on the TRUE way of the PROPHET (PBUH)-it doesn’t sound like just another Sheikh giving a lecture that doesn’t make sense. I love Sheikh Nazim very much.

  2. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Salaam Aleykum,

    How are you brother? Hope you are well, by the Grace of Allah. Alhamdulillah, yes, – Our Shekyh is saying Naksibendi Way is like the Sky – covering everybody. Our Sheykh is also saying, whomever is asking for support sincerely, he shall have it.

    And as for the ones you love – Holy Prophet(ASWS) is saying in a hadith, very clearly, – “You will be with the ones you love”.

    Insh’Allah Rahman, may Allah keep us with His beloved ones in this life and in the Akhirah. Ameen. For the Sake of His most beloved one, Holy Prophet (ASWS), his family and companions. Ameen.

    Have you been to our homepage? There are many Sohbets available on our page in audio, by Our Sheykh – Sheykh Abdul-Kerim, worldwide deputy (with direct ijaza from Sheykh Mevlana Nazim), as well as Sheykh Mevlana Nazim’s sohbets.

    The page is Our Dergah has a Yahoo groups if you have a yahoo email account (which you can access directly from the site), if you’d like to join. May Allah bless you and guide you, and forgive me.

    Allah emanat ol,

    Was’Salaam Aleykum

  3. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Selam Aleykum,

    Thank you Roberto, Hope you are well, Insh’Allah Rahman. May Allah fill your life with blessings and guide you closer to Him and His beloveds, and guide you and your family to safety. Ameen. For the sake of His most Beloved One in Divine Presence and the Sheykhs. Please pray for me as well.

    Allah emanat ol,


  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    Is it moderation or did you mean modernization? Also, why some sufis get so philosophical until they start to do something, that our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Aleihi Wassallam never did? Isn’t that deviation?


  5. salaam, i was in hyderabad when i first saw sheykh abdul kareem sahab with his murids in yousufian dargah.really watchin him was like watchin a true wali of ALLAH TALLAH.I spoked with one of his murid name yassir from new york city really i njoyed every bit of that n i felt like i was speakin 2 my brother. i love these people very much

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