In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and Compassionate, The Most Merciful.


Welcome! This Blog is expressed through a Mureed’s Journey, as he travels on the most distinguished path of Finding and Knowing God Almighty, – The Naksibendi-Hakkani Way. Most of the content on this blog is referenced sayings, stories, sohbets from the teachers of the community – under the complete guidance of our Sheikh – Sheikh Abdul-Kerim Effendi, with specific instruction from Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al Hakkani – Sultan ul Awliya, worldwide leader of Naksibendi Way.

He is dedicated to defending Truth, Living Islam in the Way Our Lord has ordered through the Practice(Sunnah) of our Holy Prophet, With Compassion and Peace, gifting love of Allah and all His Prophets, to all those he may reach, following in the ennobled footsteps of our Prophets Adam(AS), Noah(AS), Abraham(AS), Moses(AS) and Jesus(AS) among 124,000 others who brought the message of God to creation, culminating in the Seal of the Prophethood – Hazret Muhammad (ASWS).

We are trying to implement the True Islam, as Allah wants instead of what we as individuals want – which is underpublicized in these times – as passed down through the Golden Chain of 40 Grandsheykhs, starting with our Holy Prophet 1427 years ago (and counting) to Our Grandsheykh, Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al Hakkani al Kibrisi and his deputy Sheikh Abdul-Kerim al Hakkani al Kibrisi. We denounce Terrorism in all of its heinous forms simply because it is completely contradictory to Allah’s Law. So Welcome, to those who enter, and Farewell to those who Leave!

These are a few of the Honoured Teachers of Our Community, The Inheritors of the Prophets, – The Awliya’Allah(Friends of God)-Click on thumbnails for Original Size.

Sheykh ul Akbar

Sheykh Shamil

Al Ghawth-e-Azam DastagirSheykh Sherafuddin al Daghestani(QS)

Mevlana Rum(QS)Shah Naksibend(QS)GrandSheykh Abdullah Daghestani(QS)Sultan ul AwliyaSheykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi

6 thoughts on “About

  1. as-salaam ‘alaiykum

    Just checking out Saifaddeens links.
    Everybody is alike, spooky.

    At least you have some farming stuff.

    Do you, or have acctually farmed for money?

    I come from Iowa, so I have done farm work, if you spend time posting, talk to me by e-mail.

    Jalaal ad-deen Peddle (aka abd rzq)

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