Urs-e-Sharif of Sahib-ul Saif Hazretleri

4637126660_16f66e4f41_br10 Sha’ban, 1437


Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

On this holy night, the entrance of 10th of Shaban, we commemorate the Holy Urse-Sharif of our Sultan, our Sahib, Sheykh Abdul-Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani, May Allah increase his station always, Ameen.

Seyh Abdul Kerim Hz, our teacher, our father, our rope to Allah SWT and His Prophet ASWS was veiled on this night, and reunited with his Lord. He described himself as a weak servant of Allah, but that was his humility. He was described by his own Sheykh, Sultan ul Awliya, Seyh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani, as a man with the attributes of a Dragon, a Lion, for the cause of Allah SWT and His Prophet ASWS’s mission. To defend the Truth for the sake of Islam, one man, standing against nations.

For me he is and will always be the Shining Star of Truth in these Dark Times, a Link to The Divine Presence, a Guide and Confidant, The Most Trustworthy Man I have ever met, a Reminder of my Lord, the Way to Know myself, The True Physician, The Real Mirror, The Pillar of Support Against The Storm, The Blessed Hand of Himmet, The Supporter of Haqq, The One Who Sacrifices his Sleep and Comfort for the sake of His Community, The One who stood in Prayer Alone at Night while We Slept, The One Who Always Taught, “If you do something good with your right hand, your left hand should not know about it”.

One day at the Osmanli Dergah on a holy night, I remember that Seyh Effendi made us all to sit for dinner, and took the pot of rice in his hand, and personally went around serving food to our plates, to each of us individually. There was no reason for him to do that. I felt ashamed and in awe of such a man. I’ve seen and spent time with so many scholars, so many high-profile people claiming to represent Islam, but hey are often unapproachable, and none with the humility of my Sheykh. Seyh Effendi encouraged us to consult individually with him. He was the one we unburdened ourselves to. He was our Helper.

I was blessed to have spent time with Him, and hope I can live up to the potential he saw in me. I witnessed my Sheykh, The One Who Never asked me ‘Any Worldly Fee’, wake up in the middle of the night while all were asleep, to give sadaqa. My Lord made me to witness this, to understand how a true believer behaves, keeping his good actions a secret between him and his Lord. But when I think of what is Good, I can say his existence by itself was Good. He was and is Good, and everything Good in this world pales in comparison to His Goodness. He represented Hope in the Darkness of this Dunya, and a Weapon to fight against the Evil Injustice of This World’s Tyranny. He was enough for them. He Serves His Lord, but He also Served Us, like His Sheykh and His Prophet ASWS served his Ummat before Him.

He is the Descendant of The Ottoman Sultans, and he is a Reviver of the Faith and the One who Strives for the Sultanate of Allah SWT on this Earth. He always said, he is not looking for titles, that we are not looking for titles. That’s not why we come to the Dergah. We come to step on our ego, and to one day become nothing, he said. But these are the titles that lend themselves to him, from witnessing him, from the time I spent with him, from seeing him live a lifestyle of the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet ASWS and carrying us to do the same.

His mission and spirit live on through his Khalifa, Lukman Effendi Hazretleri, with full permission from Himself, as well as from our Grandsheykh Sultan ul Awliya Sheykh Nazim al Hakkani. We continue to be connected to our Sultan through our Lukman Effendi, and we thank Allah that although our Beloved and Holy Sheykh has been veiled, we may know him and continue to serve him through association with and service of our Lukman Effendi, May Allah grant him the best of health, long life and keep him Hafiz from all bad eyes and all illness.

I thank my Lukman Effendi for keeping me connected to my Sahib. This World is bankrupt. The only thing of Value is to be with those who are valuable in the eyes of Allah SWT. And our Sheykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi al Rabbani, our Sahib, is a Diamond in the Crown among the precious beloved ones in the eyes of our Lord. I don’t know anything, but they made me to know that much. I look forward to the day that I may meet him again, and I fear that day as well, because his legacy deserves much more from me.

May Allah increase the rank and station of Our Sahib, Our Master, and increase the opening of our Lukman Effendi, and grant ease to his effort and mission in the way of our Sahib and the cause of our Holy Prophet ASWS. Ameen. May He keep us connected to him and in service always. Ameen.