Pictures from Cyprus


Selam Aleykum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

Here are a few pictures from Cyprus. Our Seyh Effendi has returned!

The tomb of Cambolat Pasha (qas) inside the walls that surround Gazi Magosa (old Famagusta)

Seyh Effendi introducing Haci Abdul-Hameed to our Seyh Mevlana

Seyh Mevlana and Seyh Abdul-Kerim Effndi sharing a laugh

Selam Aleykum!

The Character of Sultan Abdul-Mejid Khan




Selam Aleykum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,

A few paragraphs on the character of Sultan Abdul-Mejid Khan, the Ottoman Sultan, by the Rev. Henry Christmas M.A. in 1853:

‘One or two anecdotes will put his character in its true light. During the year of famine in Ireland, the Sultan heard of the distress existing in that unhappy country; he immediately conveyed to the British ambassador his desire to aid in its relief, and tendered for that purpose a large sum of money. It was intimated to him that it was thought right to limit the sum subscribed by the Queen, and a larger amount could not therefore be received from his highness. He at once acquiesced in the propriety of his resolution, and with many expressions of benevolent sympathy, sent the greatest admissible subscription.

It is well known that his own personal feeling dictated the noble reply of the divan to the threatening demands of Austria and Russia for the extradition of the Polish and Hungarian refugees. “I am not ignorant,” was his reply, “of the power of those empires, nor of the ulterior measures to which their intimations point; but I am compelled by my religion to observe the laws of hospitality; and I believe that the sense and good feeling of Europe will not allow my government to be drawn into a ruinous war, because I resolve strictly and solemnly to adhere to them.”

This is the true spirit of Christianity, and there is more it in the Mohammedan Sultan of Turkey, than in any or all of the Christian princes of Eastern Europe.’

“The Sultan of Turkey, Abdul Medjid Khan: A Brief Memoir of His Life and Relign, with Notices of The Country, its Navy, & present Prospects” by the Rev. Henry Christmas, M.A., 1853

* – I’d like to point out Saifuddin’s excellent follow-up to this post, here :

Who are the Ottomans?  – Saifuddin.

Aleykum Selam and Allah emanat ol!

Biz Osmanliyiz! Pek Sanliyiz!

Prayer Vigil 2007



Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,

Hope this latest post finds you all well by Allah’s Grace. Ameen. Lately, I’ve been more off than on when it’s come to blogging. Insh’Allah Rahman, I hope to remedy this from now on. To any and all who read, thank you for being patient. May Allah bless you and your families with the love of what He loves, and to remove us all from that which He does not love. Ameen. For the sake of the most beloved one in divine presence, Alaihi Salaatu was’Salaam.

Last weekend I returned from an amazing trip(Mash’Allah) to Washington D.C., for the Prayer Vigil 2007, in which the Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi of Sidney Center, New York led by Sheykh Abdul-Kerim, with direct permission from Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al-Hakkani, were invited. Sheykh Effendi and Mureeds led Zikr at the Washington Monument and were joined by the Native American Ojibwe tribe chief, Chief Clyde Bellecourt. The following is a link to some of the pictures from the trip(Click on the Pic, Insh’Allah):








Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,

Peace and Blessings upon the Holy Prophet(ASWS) and his family and his companions and all the Naksibendi GrandSheykhs and their children and family and Salaam to our Sultan ul Awliyah and his deputy, my Sultan and Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi- Salaam and Peace and Blessings on them, May Allah keep them always in Higher and Higher Stations, grant them long life and healthy life, and grant us the honour to be with them and connected to them in this Ramazan, in this life, and in the hereafter. Ameen. For the sake of the Most Beloved One in Divine Presence(Alahi Salaatu Was’Salaam).

Selam Aleykum and Happy RAMAZAN to you and your families!!

My Sultan

The Echo Tomb


Echo Tomb

The Echo Tomb


Selam Aleykum,

I came across this recently, and Insh’Allah it will be beneficial to you and to me- It is about the Echo Tomb in China, housing the sahabi or companion of the Prophet(ASWS) – Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas (radiy’Allahu Ta’Alaa anha – Peace and Blessings be upon him), one of the “Ashra Mubasshira”, of the ten Sahabah who The Holy Prophet(ASWS) gave the joyous tidings of Paradise.


“The earliest trace of Islam in China is embodied in the Echo Tomb belonging to a Companion of the Prophet Muhammad ص, Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas ﺭ. His presence there is explained in a remarkable series of historical accounts, according to which the Tang Emperor received help from this emissary of the Prophet against a monstrous evil which had been presaged in the stars. In these accounts, aspects of the later Muslim contribution to Imperial China are prefigured, especially chivalric prowess and expertise in astronomical and mathematical sciences, as well as in the more hidden sciences of Hermeticism. This emissary’s legendary service recalls the Chinese folktale of Yi the Archer, whose service to the Heavenly Emperor included his shooting down of the nine suns that had been monstrously corrupted.

One of the Ten to whom Paradise was promised, Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas ﺭ is recognized as the patron saint of archery in the traditions of Islamic chivalry. Whereas the Imam `Ali ك is popularly regarded as the model of spiritual chivalry or futuwwah, it should be observed that he authorized others to be the patrons of various arts, such as fencing. In the example of Sa`d, the Prophet himself is held to have invested him as the “Knight of Islam” and the patron of bowmen. Although unrecognized, his role in China may therefore extend to the development of its martial arts, especially since the very Emperor he is recorded to have assisted was such a strong upholder of the art of archery. It may also be noted that the shooting techniques of Medieval China are very similar to those favored by the followers of Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas.

The Ottoman chronicler Evliya Efendi (*Evliya Celebi or Dervish Mehmet Zilli) was personally invested by the spirit of Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas ﺭ, and though he did not in his wide travels visit China, he did remark on the several tombs linked to his patron in other lands, including Egypt. It is of interest, then, to observe that to the right of the tomb in China is the grave of another Ottoman traveler, who succeeded in his quest for this most distant sanctuary.”





Graves of the 40 martyrs


The Blessed Well


Peruvian Naksibendis





Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,


A new link has been added – The Osmanli-Naksibendi Hakkani Mureeds of Peru have started their own web page. Mash’Allah to them! May Allah continue to bless them, and their work and activities, as well as all of us, to continue to hold tightly to the rope of Allah, as was transmitted through His most Beloved One in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (ASWS), and his inheritors, the Evliya – Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al Hakkani and Sheykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi. Ameen.


Here is the link. The site is in Spanish for those who speak Spanish. For others, it is easy enough to navigate – there are some beautiful pictures there of Sheykh Mevlana and Sheykh Effendi. Selam Aleykum.