Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,

Peace and Blessings upon the Holy Prophet(ASWS) and his family and his companions and all the Naksibendi GrandSheykhs and their children and family and Salaam to our Sultan ul Awliyah and his deputy, my Sultan and Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi- Salaam and Peace and Blessings on them, May Allah keep them always in Higher and Higher Stations, grant them long life and healthy life, and grant us the honour to be with them and connected to them in this Ramazan, in this life, and in the hereafter. Ameen. For the sake of the Most Beloved One in Divine Presence(Alahi Salaatu Was’Salaam).

Selam Aleykum and Happy RAMAZAN to you and your families!!

My Sultan

One thought on “RAMAZAN MUBARAK!

  1. All praise due to Allah (swt) lord of the Alameen (Mankind jinn and all that exists), all peace and blessings upon all the messengers of Allah (swt) and upon all the true believers who whole heartedley submit themselves as muslims in Islam before Allah (swt). As-salaymaleykum brothers and sisters, the blessesd month of Ramadan is upon us and the most gracious Allah (swt) has given us a chance to ask forgiveness for our sins and seek out of his bounty in a most mercifull manner for he is the most mercifull the most kind and the accepter of repentance. He punishes whom he pleases and forgives whom he pleases. Allah (swt) causes you no harm, whatever harm comes to you you is what your own hands have brought before you. Allah (swt) wrongs not mankind in aught, not to the weight of an atom or the grain of a mustard seed or the slit on the back of a date stone, it is but mankind that wrongs themselves. If Allah (swt) was to punish mankind for all their sins not on the earth would there be left a single living moving creature. Within this month is a very special night, the night the glorious Quran was revealed to the messenger Muhammed (pbuh), a night whearof their is a surah in the glorious Quran mentioning it, the night of power. This night it says is better than at thousand months (93years and four months) whereas all the the angels decsend by leave of Allah (swt) and everything is decreed forthcoming. The Shaitan is locked shaitans are locked up and your reward for your patience,fasting and prayer may lead you to unimaginable happiness and a generous provision for Allah (swt) is rich free of all needs. In return all he asks is we be gratefull slaves of his by attributing and dedicating our lives, wealth and persons in his cause for he did bestow them on us when he decreed for us to be born. I might not live for a thousand months nor might you but if in my life and espescially on this night and within this blessed month we dedicated ourselves in Allah (swt) service and invoke with piety fear and awe of Allah (swt) maybe just maybe Allah (swt) will grant us paradise. Ameen and Ramadan Mubarak. Brother Abid

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