Selam Aleykum,

– An excerpt from Sheykh Effendi’s sohbet from Mawlid Mubarak at the Osmanli Dergah, Sidney Center New York, March 29, 2007:

This world has seen better days definitely than today. I was just
remembering, sitting down, thinking and remembering some old days back
(and I am saying old days but it’s only twenty years ago), and I was
looking and seeing. Go to the archives if you want. You will find in
the front pages of newspapers, if one person died accidentally
somewhere, the whole front page of the newspaper was for that person,
saving it, giving whole details and continuing the next day, the
following day, for three-four days. Now every single day everywhere in
the world bombs are blowing, thousands, hundreds of people are dying,
destroyed, becoming pieces but there is no mention anywhere anymore,
saying, “It’s common. Something normal is happening.” That is a big
sign that mankind has lost and became very cruel. Not only the ones
who are not putting it out for it to appear for people to take some
lesson but also those ones who are completely heedless and not
understanding what is happening in this world.

So we have lost. The mankind has lost just because they left the way
of the Holy Prophet (sws). When they held the way that the Holy
Prophet (sws) was showing, it brought 72 different tribes of nations
under one banner, the banner of Islam. They were not fighting, they
were not eating each other and they were not separating from each
other. Today, under the name of Islam, Muslims nations have separated,
they put borderlines and in those borderlines they have the world’s
heaviest machineries that not even birds can fly from one side to
another side. This is not civilization. Civilization was done by Islam
that even a hundred years ago you could have taken off from Morocco
going all the way down to Indonesia and you didn’t need anything else
but just one passport, one ID with which you could go everywhere. That
was civilization.

Now mankind lost. They can say as much as they want, “We did this and
we did that.” No. Nothing. Zero because all these equipments that we
have, all this technology we have is just to make it easier for us.
But it’s making it harder and mankind is turning and becoming a slave
to the technology and the medicine and everything he built. So it lost.

And there is only one way out. There aren’t two ways out. There’s only
one way out. The one way out is putting everything down and turning
back to that Prophet (sws), saying, “Let me look what this Prophet was
saying for this time. Let me just search.” You don’t have to be a
Muslim. No. Just be a sincere man to say, “Let me just search about
this Prophet to see what he said from that time up till now and if it
happened.” That time you will see it right in front of you appearing,
shining in the east and west, north and south. You are going to see
that Prophet above humanity as Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying,
“We have created you in Ahsani Taqweem” and “We have created you as
Rahmatan-lil Alameen.” Rahmat, the mercy. Anyone who is looking for
mercy and safety must run to that Prophet (sws) and must hold on to
that Prophet (sws).

Otherwise, today you know that mankind is not even having mercy to
their own children. How are they going to have mercy to others, other
nations, other tribes? How are they going to have mercy to the ones
that they are fighting? How are they going to have mercy to the ones
that they are hating? Impossible. Only way is to turn back, not by
word, not by tongue, not just by outfit only too, no. The lifestyle,
the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws) is not only the clothes. It’s his
lifestyle, his manner, how he was dealing with situations.

Today, we are looking in the east and west, and the majority of the
people are thinking, “Only me. Me, me.” Islam is saying, “You. First
you and later me.” The other ways are saying, “First me.” Mankind
never has enough for his ego. He is always wanting more, more and
more, never for somebody else but always looking at others too, “What
does that one have? It must be for me too. I must find the way to get
it.” They are pulling to that side and if it’s necessary they go out
of their way to kill for that. For what? For these materials, this
world. Mankind has lost, lost because they left the way that Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) has sent to us, and the way is Islam which is
shining, and the way to Islam is the Holy Prophet (sws). You are
leaving the ways of the Holy Prophet (sws) saying, “I know something”.
You know nothing about Islam then. If you don’t know the Prophet
(sws), if you don’t know what he brought to mankind then you are not
knowing anything from Islam. It doesn’t matter whoever that person is.
You can read not one book, if you read all the books in the world, if
those books are not making you understand, “This is the Prophet. Yes.
These are the ways and I must hold on to his way”, then you didn’t
learn anything.

Go to Sohbets page for the whole Sohbet.


  1. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Selam Aleykum Dear Nureddin,

    How are you? Mash’Allah, it is good to hear from you and Alhamdulillah we are fine here. Mash’Allah for your work, and am sending your salaams to Sheykh Effendi. Take Care,

    Allah emenat olun,

    Selam Aleykum,


  2. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

    As salam alaikum dear brother.

    May Allah praise you for passing on the knowlegde Allah swt has bestowed on you. The Quran is a daily reminder and a mercy to mankind and above all is the word of Allah swt. A thousand books from a thosand scholars could not compare because this is not a book written by man it is the word of Allah swt and was brought in revelation to our Prophet (pbuh) through Ruh Ul Qudus (The Angel Jibraeel) with Allah swt manifest authority. In it you will find no discrepency nor crookedness because to this day it is guarded by Allah swt and never will you find any change in it from when it was revealed to when the day of reckoning occurs. Allah swt says “Whoemsoever of my slaves i choose to give guidance to i will give them guidance. If they accept this guidance i will increase them further in guidance and bestow on them piety”. Allah swt it is that decides which ones amongst us are muslim or not according to our deeds and intentions. When you offer zakat or sacrifice at hajj whether you slaughter a thousand sheeps or one, the only thing that reaches Allah swt is the piety from your hearts not anything else. Allah swt is rich free of all needs and wishes to give you everything. He is oft forgiving most mercifull to his Ibaddi (slaves). All he asks is you believe in him whole heartedly and put all your trust in him and follow what he has sent down for you as a mercy, a guide and a complete way of life, The Quran. All praises and thanks be to Allah who constantly encircles and encompasses all that is around and all praise be to Allah swt who taught mankind that which he did not know before.

  3. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Selam Aleykum,

    Yes, through following the sunnat of Allah’s Mercy to All Creation, Rahmatullil’Alameen, the living Qur’an, the Prophet Alaihi Salaatu Was’Salaam, we – you and I, and all servants may reach our Lord. Ameen.

    For the sake of the Most Beloved One in Divine Presence.

    Selam Aleykum

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