Peruvian Naksibendis





Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,


A new link has been added – The Osmanli-Naksibendi Hakkani Mureeds of Peru have started their own web page. Mash’Allah to them! May Allah continue to bless them, and their work and activities, as well as all of us, to continue to hold tightly to the rope of Allah, as was transmitted through His most Beloved One in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (ASWS), and his inheritors, the Evliya – Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al Hakkani and Sheykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi. Ameen.


Here is the link. The site is in Spanish for those who speak Spanish. For others, it is easy enough to navigate – there are some beautiful pictures there of Sheykh Mevlana and Sheykh Effendi. Selam Aleykum.

3 thoughts on “Peruvian Naksibendis

  1. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Peace and Welcome to you,

    Yes, Anti-terror position is a must because we are Muslim, and it is Islam that teaches us to respect the rights of others. To terrorize others in the name of anything, is to take those rights from them, and to be a Tyrant. Allah is saying that He is pardoning all sins except for two: 1.) The Association of others with Him, as He is One, and to believe in His Oneness is to believe in Him.
    2.) He is saying – Don’t come to me with the rights of others. On the Day of Judgement, if you have taken the rights of others, Allah is saying, ‘Don’t ask forgiveness from Me, but from the one you stole the rights from.’ Meaning if he/she forgives you than you will be forgiven, if he/she doesn’t forgive you, then you are in big trouble.

    Forgiveness and being of a forgiving nature is always better. But we would all do well to remember that the rights are given by Him, and we must do all we can not to steal or abuse them, with ourselves, with our families, our neighbours, and all creatures. May Allah make us to be better ones for His sake, and to treat each other with honour, and not to eat each other or each other’s rights. Ameen, for the sake of His Most Beloved One in Divine Presence.

    Thanks for stopping by. Peace to you friend,

    – Hyder Ali

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