The Nature of Awliyah


BismillahirRahmanir Rahim

(Hazret Abdul Kadir Geylani ks)

Support yourself by means of your earned income; do not use your
religion for that purpose. Earn your income, use it to meet your own
needs, and share some of it with others. The personal acquisitions of
ordinary believers are the shared dishes of the champions of truth.
Their businesses or professions yield prosperity only in relation to
the poor and the needy. They wish to transmit compassion to the
people, thereby seeking the goof pleasure of the Lord of Truth
(Almighty and Glorious is He) and His love for them.
They have heeded the words of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give
him peace):

Human beings are the dependents of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is
He), and the people dearest to Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) are
those among them who are most beneficial to His dependents.

In relation to ordinary people, the friends of Allah are deaf, dumb,
and blind. Since their hearts are near to the Lord of Truth (Almighty
and Glorious is He), they listen to no one but Him and they see no one
but Him. Nearness gives them refuge, reverence gives them cover, and
love gives them benefits in the presence of their Beloved. For they
are between the Majesty and the Beauty (of the Lord), inclining
neither to the right nor to the left. They have a “forwards” without a
“backwards”. They are waited upon by humankind, by jinn, by angels and
by all manner of creatures. They are served by wisdom and knowledge.
They are fed by gracious favor, and their thirst is quenched by
friendly kindness. Of the food of His gracious favor do they eat, and
of the juice of His friendly kindness they drink. They have better
things to do than listen to popular conversation, for they and
ordinary people are worlds apart [lit: they are in one valley, and
ordinary people are in another valley]. They order people to obey the
commandments and prohibitions of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He),
deputizing for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). They
are in fact his heirs.

Their occupation is bringing people back to the door of the Lord of
Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He), proving His case against them.
They put things in their proper places, giving every one the favor he
deserves. They do not claim their rights, and they do not satisfy
their selfish desires and natural instincts. They love for the sake of
Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) and they hate for the sake of
Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He). They are wholly His; none other
than He had any share in them. When someone has achieved this
completely, Friendship is complete for him and he attains salvation
and success. He is loved by humankind, by the jinn and the angels, by
the earth and by heaven.

O hypocrite! O worshipper of creatures and secondary causes, forgetful
of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He)! You want all this
to drop into your hands, while you are in the state you are in! You
have no honor and no dignity. Submit, then repent, then learn and work
and be sincere, otherwise you will not be guided aright.

(Al-Fath ar-Rabbani: The Sublime Revelation, tr. M. Holland)

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Awliyah

  1. SALAM ALEIKUM ! It is an very beautiful article and full of high wisdom . Compliment’s ! Hassan Roberto minichini

  2. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Selam Aleykum Dear Hassan,

    Welcome to you! How are you? This is taken from a sohbet from GrandSheykh Abdul Qadir Gilani Rehmatullah Alaih, Alhamdulillah, and the wisdom is heavenly wisdom. We would all be wise to heed this advice, Insh’Allah Rahman. May Allah make it easier to do so, for you and for me. Ameen, for the sake of the most Beloved One in Divine Presence.

    Allah emanat ol,

    Selam Aleykum

  3. In the company of Saints

    My sons, Suleiman and Dawood, and I, also took bay’ah. This pledge of allegiance took place at the blessed grave of al-Sayed ‘Abd al-Latif bin Muhammad Yusuf bin Qadi ‘Abd al Rahman al-Habibi. Imam was nearing the end of his life.

    A few days after Imam had connected us to the Qadiriyyah and Chistiyya salasil, I dreamt of myself sitting under the ground-floor balcony in the Masjid al-Haram. I faced the Syrian Corner of the Bait-ullaah, engaging anyone who was available for a chat. He was nearly upon me, when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed Imam Babu approaching. Imam put his right hand into my right hand and led me onto the mataaf. There, about seven metres away from and facing the north-eastern wall of the Bait-ullaah, were six regal-looking men. They were arranged in two rows of three – those at the back stood, and those in front sat on their shins and with their palms on their thighs. By their bulky turbans I could see that they were leaders of men. Some were younger-looking than others. So intent were they in gazing at the Holy Ka’aba, that they paid scant attention to us. A study in concentration, they were preoccupied with contemplating God’s Majesty. Looking at them reminded me of God. Imam pointed me towards the House of Allah and placed me directly to the right of those holy men who were standing. Imam hurriedly walked back in the direction of Baab al-’Umrah.

    Alhamdu-lillaah. I was in very good company and eager to draw from their barakah. That it was set in the Masjid al-Haram confirmed the soundness of the dream. Imam taking my right hand into his right hand (as opposed to our left hands) lent credence to its authenticity. I took it that the dream signified our acceptance into the Qadiriyyah and Chistiyya Sufi orders. Allah, The One Who Shows the right way, Had Guided us.

    Did it serve as an indication that Allah The Most Giving would allow us to visit His Holy House once more?

    About two weeks later, my friend and ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah elder Haji Achmat Lalkhen came to visit. He showed me a miniaturised replica of a painting of Indian origin. The original is called the ‘Meeting of the Saints’, the artist unknown. It is one of the most famous in Eastern art. At the top, centre of the picture, was depicted the Holy Qabr of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah Convey His Peace and Blessings upon the Holy Prophet). On it also, were the awliya-Allah that I had seen in the dream. I was bowled over. The saints’ names and their places of burial were on the print. They were, clockwise from bottom left, Khwaja Baba Farid al-din Mas’ud Ganj-i Shakar al-Chisti of Pakpattan, Punjab (d. 664AH/1265CE), al-Sayed Qutb al-din Bakhtiyar Kaki al-Chisti of Mehrauli, New Delhi (d. 633AH/1236CE), al-Sayed Gharib Nawaz Mu’ain al-din Chisti of Ajmer, India (d. 1230CE), al-Sayed al-Sultan al-Awliya al-Ghawth al-‘Adham ‘Abd al Qadir al-Jilani (d. 561AH/1166CE), Hadhrat Sharif al-din abu ‘Ali Shah Qalandar of Panipat, Haryana, India (d. 724AH/1324CE) and Sheikh Nizam al-din Awliya al-Chisti of Ghiyaspur, a village outside Delhi, India (d. 1324). That they held a lofty rank with Allah was without question. Allah, The One From Whom we seek Help, Had Chosen them to be of His foremost devotees, Had Drawn them closer to Him and Had Honoured them with His Love. May Allah, The One Who Brought us from darkness into the light, amply repay these dutiful men for their devotion. Their story has contributed much towards the wonder of Islam and the lustre of Islamic mysticism. Allah had endowed them with phenomenal karamaat. Their names are forever emblazoned across the Sufi sky. I am as the dust beneath their feet.

    While those sitting in the dream were awliya-Allah in their own right, they did so out of respect, as those who stood were of the descendents of our Honourable Prophet Muhammad (May Allah Convey His Peace and Blessings upon the Holy Prophet). They reverently sat at the feet of the saadaat also, as at least two of those standing were their asatidhah.

    The dream gave me some idea of the kindnesses that Allah, The One Who Allows without stint to whom He will, Provides to the righteous. This showed clearly that the approach of these friends of Allah was rock solid and that their salasil were watertight. It illustrated also, that Imam’s khilafah was beyond reproach. Imam had been granted khilafat of the Qadiriyyah and Chistiyya tasauwuf orders by Shah Pir Hafith Pasha al-Habibi (d. 1989), the head of the Habibiyyah branch of the Chistiyya Silsilah, in Hyderabad, India, in 1988. The dream handed me an inkling of the stature that Imam Abdullatief “Babu” Parker of Habibia enjoyed in the next life.

    I remembered that straight after we had linked into the chains of Islamic spirituality, Imam had held up to me the same caricatured portrait of only Sayed ‘Abd al Qadir al-Jilani (May Allah, The One Who Opens closed matters to His slaves, Excuse them of blame). I had wondered then why he did that.

    A large copy of the ‘Meeting of the Saints’ hangs in our home. I had bought it from Mr. Feroz Parker of Cravenby Estate.

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