3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Selam Aleykum my beloved brother!

    Being so far away,I am always so happy to see pictures of Sheykh Effendi and the other murids.May Allah make a way for me to be there soon…Ameen!!!May Allah bless our beloved Sheykh…Ameen!!!

  2. Selam Aleykum Dear Brother,

    Mash’Allah, How are you? Jazak’Allah for dropping by, and you and all the murids are always in our Sheykh’s duas. Ameen to your Dua! Insh’Allah Rahman, we hope to see you very soon. May Allah bless our Sheykh Effendi, and each breath he takes. Ameen Ya Rabb! May we never part from him. Ameen! For the sake of His beloveds.

    Allah emanat ol,

    Selam Aleykum

  3. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    Aleykum Selam my beloved brother,

    I am doing well,Alhamdulillah!
    I speak with Sheykh Effendi as often as I am able.Please feel free to personally email me…I would really like to get to know you and my other brothers! Insh’Allah Rahman,I will get to the dergah this year!
    Selam Aleykum šŸ™‚
    Allah emanat ol,


    Biz Osmanliyiz! Pek Sanliyiz!

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