Cooking with Sheykh Effendi


Juma khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 9 Rajab, 1427
August 4, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ye Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah wa shukrulillah. As we
said last week, this is the month of Rajab, the month of Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala). If anyone wants to catch their ego and put the
ego under their own control then it is easy (in this month). What will
happen if your ego is not under your control? Then it is in the hand
of Sheytan. Then you will be the servant of Sheytan. Ego is serving
Sheytan, the orders of Sheytan. You are not created to make Sheytan
happy. You have been created and sent to this world to make Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) to be pleased with you and you to be pleased with
him. Aren’t we pleased with Allah? If you are pleased with Allah then
put a zipper to your mouth. No complaints from the mouth and no
complaints from the heart. Say, “Alhamdulillah. What comes to Me is
coming to me from my Lord.” Check yourself. Are you saying that by
yourself? If you have one complaint then you are not pleased with
Allah because everything happens with the order and authority of Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala). What happened to this mankind? The civilized man,
the democracy man, what happened? What happened to east and west? What
happened to north and south? What happened to the Christians, Jews and
Muslims? What happened to the believers and unbelievers? Find one who
is happy. Bring him to me. Where are they? Everyone is running to do
something. Running to do what? To the slavery of the world. Nothing
else. And (we are) saying to them, “You don’t have any time for Allah?”

“I am very busy.”

“Doing what? Serving your ego? Serving your Sheytan?”

If you are pleased with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) then Allah (subhana
wa ta’ala) has given you today. Why are you worrying for tomorrow? He
did not ask you for tomorrow’s prayers and tomorrow’s obligations
today. Why are you worrying, “What am I going to eat? What am I going
to drink? What kind of car am I going to drive? What kind of clothes
am I going to wear? What kind of shoes am I going to wear?” This is
what happened to mankind. This is the reality from the small man to
the big ones. Not small age-wise but from porters to the President
this is what everyone is worrying, from poor to rich, the ignorant and
the educated ones, the so-called educated ones who are getting
education from Darwin schools. Hmm? Teaching man, “You are a monkey”!
What do you expect? What kind of generation do you expect to have?
Firtina. Wind. Tornado is coming. At least one generation now is
standing up but the next generation is finished completely. Come to
Allah! Come sit in the mesjids of Allah for five minutes!

“I cannot.”

“Why? What do you have to do?”

“I have to speak on the phone. I have to talk nonsense. I have to run

Hmm. These are the directions that Sheytan is giving. They are getting
consultation from Sheytan. You must be the servant of Allah. Not the
servant of Sheytan. So if a man is not happy with his Lord then he is
not Allah’s servant. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is not losing anything.
That one is losing everything. Losing dunya and akhirat. Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) didn’t create man and wrote for man the bad
lifestyle. No. He has written for you and for everyone the perfect
life. But when you leave the way of Allah, when you are not looking to
see what is it that you have to do, what is it that Allah wants from
you then you run to do what Sheytan wants. And burden comes non-stop.
Before one finishes another one is coming, before another one finishes
double is coming, you are trying to fix the double and it multiplies,
two becomes four and four becomes eight. Look what’s happening from
individuals to nations. For almost one hundred years now the world is
in trouble and every single day it’s getting into bigger troubles,
deeper mess. No individual is sitting down and thinking to say, “What
had happened to us, to this mankind? Once upon a time we were doing
things right, we were raising better generations, we had good children
that we were raising and they were obedient ones. What happened to us
that we bring out children and three or four years later they become
complete disobedient and they are declaring war with their own parents?

Hmm. It’s not only their fault. It’s your fault because you are not
holding their leash when they are little to direct them in the way of
Allah. You are letting them do, saying, “As you like honey, as you
like my baby, as you like this and as you like that”, later they come
and they say, “Bow down! I am going to make my waste on top of your
head.” This is what today’s generation is doing. Later you are
screaming. Don’t scream. You did it to yourself. You did it to
yourself. But those who are doing it they are in the worst position
because worse is waiting for them. They are preparing worse situations
to themselves. It is a very dangerous situation. You must wake up to
yourself and to your loved ones. Allah is not playing games with you.
Allah is not playing games with us. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) set His
laws to us and He is saying to us, “This is what you need to do to
stay within the guidelines that I have put for you. The road to
Paradise is where you stay. If you change your direction then you are
taking the road to the hell side. Before you reach to hell, as soon as
you change your direction to the hell side, this life becomes hell to
you and this world’s activities become hell to you. Don’t think, “Eh,
(it’s because) we have financial problems.” No. Check those whose
financial problems finished, look at what’s happening to them and what
they are doing. They are becoming worse.

All this is happening because man lost his compass, he lost his
direction. He doesn’t know where to turn. He turns only where Sheytan
is whispering, calling, “Turn this way”, and right away (he is turning
to) that side. Twenty-four hours a day. At least you are running
during the daytime, so leave the nighttime. How is it going to be? At
nighttime? Now there is no sleeping in the nighttime. Sheytan says to
them, “Sit all night long. Watch television. Sit here and do
malayani”, until you are exhausted and when the time is going to come
now after midnight when the blessings and rahmat is going to start
raining down, (Sheytan says) “Don’t stand up! Go to sleep at that
time! And when the rahmat is raining early in the morning then sleep
like a lazy…let me not say it at the khutba place (Sheykh effendi
smiles). “Don’t move your eyes and don’t move your body! Sit!” Because
Sheytan is saying that that is the time new direction and new day is
beginning. And angels are checking who is ready for Allah and who is
ready asking for Allah to be pleased with them. They are changing the
books and new angels are coming down taking the dayshift and the ones
from the nightshift are going back up giving report. It’s not like
your report. They are giving exact report to their Lord, saying, “This
servant is doing this and this servant is doing that, this servant is
running here and this servant is running there.”

(Allah subhana wa ta’ala says,) “Hmm. So they are not pleased with me.
Okay. Give more trouble to them from themselves. Not only among
nations now but close the gaps. Bring their communities to eat each
other. Close the gaps. Make them to eat each other inside their own
houses.” Hmm. “Close the gaps to make them to have wars with each
other.” This is the order that is coming then. You are not pleased
with Allah? What are you winning? If you are not pleased then what is
it that you are winning? What is it that you are going to win? Have
you ever won? Impossible.

So the only way out, the only way out, is not your way, is not the ego
way but it’s the way that the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is
showing to us. He came fourteen hundred years ago and he showed light
to the whole mankind. He showed light everywhere from the darkness of
Arabia. Anyone who wanted to come out from that mess came out. Anyone
who wants to come out from the mess that they are in today can come
out, from any part of the world that they are in. Just hold on tightly
to that Prophet’s orders. Nothing else. You don’t need anything else.

(Sheykh effendi in a mocking voice,) “I am reading the Quran, I know
the Quran.”

Leave the Quran. You don’t know the Quran. You are going to read the
Quran and you are going to explain it according to your ego. Then more
trouble is waiting for you. Run to the teachings of the Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam). Hold on tightly. That’s the only safety.
There is no other safety for the 21st century man, from individuals to
communities to whole nations. If these nations are looking for safety
then the only way is to turn their faces to the Prophet (alayhi salatu
wa salam). All these leaders must go to the tomb of the Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam). They must beg and cry for forgiveness and
ask for the Holy Prophet (sws) to give intercession to them. If they
are not doing that then their nations are going to fall into the worst
situation which every single day they are (already) falling. Those
strong nations are falling down because they have not trained and they
have not brought up a new generation that is going to hold on tightly.
They only brought up terrorists, they only brought up arrogant
individuals, stubborn ones and nothing else. From their school systems
to whole family situations, husbands and wives, they brought up new
generations who are only standing up against their families, against
their fathers and mothers and cursing. So many of them cannot speak in
the streets. When you look at them from the outside they are acting
like angels. As soon as they enter into their houses they act like
wolves and hyenas.

Hmm. This is the reality that whole nations are in. If you want a way
out then you must turn yourself first to the Holy Prophet (sws).
Whatever you are, you must sit down, not arrogantly, not with
proudness, you must bow down, you must cry for it, you must ask,
saying, “Ya Rabbi, we have fallen down. We lost our direction. We left
You and we lost our direction. We have fallen down. We are begging,
crying and asking forgiveness from You.” Hmm. Then you will find the
Hand of Allah is reaching to you. And the Hand of Allah will reach to
you not in the way that you have planned it but the way that Allah
wants it. He may send those people who are beloved to Him to reach to
you. If you are taking these words to yourselves then you will win for
yourselves, for your nations and for your families. If not, then these
words have been spoken. These words have been said in Juma khutba. You
will responsible on the Judgment Day.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

4 thoughts on “Sohbet – “THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THE HOLY PROPHET’S WAY”

  1. BismillahirRahmanirRahim,

    Salaam ALeykum,

    Alhamdulillah for the words and presence of Awliyah in these times.

    May Allah bless you both, Ameen.

    Allah emanat ol

    Was’Salaam Aleykum

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