Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 18 Jumad al-Ahir, 1427
July 14, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Inna ad-dina indallahu Islam. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to
us, “There is only one (religion) accepted in the Divine Presence.
Islam. Don’t come to My Presence with other things.” I am watching
that everyone today everywhere is either giving `V’ sign, peace sign
or signs like this or that. Islam is peace. It’s peace, but not by
word, not by the tongue and not like those guys putting bombs here and
there and later taking pictures making peace sign. What kind of peace
is that? Islam is submission. If you want peace then you have to
submit yourself. You have to submit your will to the will of Allah.
Then you will get peace. There is no peace otherwise, because you have
a plan but Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has a plan for you too. Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) wants the best for His servants and He is planning
the best for His servants. But the servants are running stubbornly and
arrogantly saying, “I have to do what I want.” What’s coming to you is
from your ego, not from Rahman. If it’s from Rahman then you are going
to find peace. If it’s coming from the ego then you are not going to
find peace. It’s not possible.

Shariat and Tariqat. Shariat is the law, shariat is the scholarship,
shariat is the knowledge. Tariqat is the lifestyle, taking what is
ordered in shariat and putting it in your life. When you are entering
into tariqat you cannot say, “I like this and I don’t like that. I
want this and I don’t want this.” What comes to you is from Allah. You
have to accept. If you are not accepting then you are not finding
peace. You are running to fix it but the more you are running to fix
it the more you are destroying it because you are running away from
Allah more. Our Grandsheykh is saying, “Run away from sheytans.”
Sheytans are loose now, working top-speed twenty-four hours. Not like
you working five hours, two hours, three hours or eight hours. They
work twenty-four hours and their duty is to run to put wrong things in
your heart. Nothing else. And to take you away from that peace, take
you away from Allah. That is their duty. Anyone opening one door to
them, thousands can enter through that door. You must shut the door.
We don’t know how to shut the door. So we run to tariqats, we run to
our sheykhs to say, “As you like my Sheykh. As you like. Not as I like
but as you like.” When you say, “As you like”, you cannot say, “Well,
I like this part.” If you are submitting yourself to your Sheykh, if
you are submitting your will to the hand of your Sheykh then he has a
plan for you. He is working on that plan. And the Sheykh’s plan
doesn’t work on the worldly level (only). It works in Dunya and
Akhirat. He looks at what is good for you firstly in Akhirat. Number
one (priority) is what is good for you in Akhirat. That’s what he
tries to provide you first and later fix all other problems. He is not
going to give you the luxury of Dunya or give to you whatever you like
in Dunya. No. He looks at what is for you in Akhirat so that you are
going to have peace in Akhirat. Your whole life may be miserable in
Dunya. It’s okay. If your Sheykh is saying to you that it’s okay then
it is okay! Don’t go against that. It is okay because if you are
trying to fix it then you are going to destroy it. There is no way
because you don’t know how to fix it. You don’t know how to fix it but
he knows.

When you go to a hospital the doctors put you under the watch. They
either say, “Give him pills” or “give him injections.” You can scream
as much as you want saying, “This injection is hurting me, this pills
are bothering me.” You are going to get them to get cured. You got
sick someway somehow. You need to get cured. If you don’t get cured
then you are going to die. We all got sick. All. And especially those
who are away from Allah and His Prophet (sws) for most of the time of
their lives, they got really sick. They need to be cured shortly
because the time is clicking. You don’t want to remember, no one wants
to remember but the time is clicking for Akhirat, tak, tak, tak, tak.
You cannot bring it back. Every minute that is ticking, you cannot
bring it back. It’s kicking you forward going towards Akhirat. If you
are still imagining, admiring and loving this Dunya then what are you
doing in tariqat? What are you going to get from tariqat? If there’s
love of Dunya then what are you getting from tariqat? The love of the
world, huh? Tariqat doesn’t give you that. Tariqat gives you what is
necessary to live in this world and not go to extremes left and right.
Tariqat teaches you how to look after yourself, how to cure yourself
and be strong to run to give cure to others.

So this is the one recipe. There is no other. Anybody who is looking
for peace must run to Islam and must leave all kinds of wrong
lifestyle. They must leave it aside. (They say), “I got used to it.”
Yes, you got used to the wrong thing and now you can get used to the
right thing. Leave the wrong things aside.” (They say), “My ego is so
squeezed that I am not breathing.” Of course. That means your spirit
is enjoying now. When the ego is under hardship the spirit is reaching
to high stations. But when the ego is enjoying then the spirit is not
having the enjoyment. You are squeezing the spirit and you are
finishing. And the ego is suffering at the same time too. When you are
making your ego to suffer then your spirit is reaching to high
stations. But when you are giving freedom to your ego, not your spirit
and not your ego is going to have peace. It’s going to trick you and
it’s going to fool you (to think that you are having peace) just for
that minute with whatever you are doing.

So you must take (from) tariqat to apply to your life. You must take
what is coming from your Sheykh and apply to your life. You may read
all books, you may swallow all knowledge and all scholarship of Islam
but it’s not going to help you. There are thousands of teachers in the
universities, Yahudis and Christians. They are not Muslims. They are
teaching Islam in the universities. Yes, they have the academic
knowledge. They read the books and they teach to others. But it’s not
helping them because they are not applying it to their lives. And if
one wants to apply it to their life then they must find someone and
they must hold on tightly to someone. And in this time it’s the
Naksibendi Order. All other Orders are only teaching you how to live
in this Dunya. They are not teaching you how to go beyond that. If
anybody is saying other than that then bring him here. Don’t bring him
to Sheykh Mevlana yet. Bring him to me.

So, if we are looking for peace then this is what we have to do, if
you are really sincere. If you are not sincere with it then don’t
spend your time in tariqat. Run for Dunya, get whatever enjoyment you
are going to get and say, “I am praying and I am doing everything”,
and then go to the Judgment Place with that. You don’t need tariqat
then. Tariqat is submission. If you have submission then you have
tariqat. If you don’t have submission then you don’t have tariqat. You
can claim as much you want that you have tariqat. You don’t have
tariqat. Your tariqat is according to your ego then. You are making
your tariqat according to your ego.

That’s why in today’s world everywhere there are tariqats. People are
dancing, eating and sleeping, saying, “Tariqat, we are in tariqat.”
Tariqat teaches you how to work against your ego, nothing else. Either
you are working for Allah or you are working for your ego. If you are
working for Allah then leave the desires of the ego aside because
Allah gave you whatever is necessary for you and for the enjoyment of
this life within the borderlines of Islam saying, “Do this and do
that. It is okay.” But if you don’t know the limit then you are going
to pass out of that limit and then you are to think, “Yes, we are
still number one”, but you are not. You are already out. You have
already fallen out of tariqat.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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