Secret Knowledge


Abu Huraira (ra) said:

I have learned directly from Allah’s messenger (saw) and I have memorized prophetic sayings and acquired knowledge that can fill five large bags. By now, I have opened and shared with you only two of them.

If I were to open the third bag, and should you hear what he said, you would surely stone me to death.

(narrated Qutaiba bin Sa’id)

Quest for the Seal


(Abu Tufail Amir bin Wailah narrated that Salman al-Farsi (ra) said) –

I come from the city of Jai (in Isfahan, Persia). One day, Almighty Allah inspired my heart to ponder the question, `Who created the heavens and the earth?’

Hence, prompted by such concerns and inner quest, I sought an old man I knew, who spoke very little and who, out of self-restraint, had kept a distance from the city people. When I reached him, I asked, `What is the best of religions?’ He replied, `Why would you want to talk about this subject? Are you seeking a religion other than that of your fathers?’ I cautiously answered: `No, I am not, but I would like to know who created the heavens and the earth, and what is the best religion to follow?’ The old man said to me, `To my knowledge, only one monk follows the true religion today, and he lives in the city of Mosul, in Iraq.’

Hence, I traveled to Mosul, and I found the monk I was told to meet. Thereat, I stayed Continue reading