Abdur-Rauf al Yamani and Sheykh Mevlana

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim,

Things are beginning to come to a head in the world
as you can probably see. We are truly at the end
of the Ahir-uz-Zaman.

Best thing to do now, is make sure we
are alright in our hearts, and our
connection to Allah is clear and
uncompromised by the weight of the nafs
and this world. Insh'Allah Rahman. Sheikh Mevlana
Nazim's Sheykh - Grand Sheykh
Abdullah Al Faiz Daghestani has spoken
about the events unfolding and about to
unfold during this time. Take a look here-

“The picture above is of Moulana Sheikh Nazim with Sheikh Abdur Rauf al-Yamani. Grandsheikh Abdullah Faiz Dagistani has spoken of Sheikh Abdur Rauf al-Yamani during his time.

The following is the prediction made by Grandsheik Moulana Abdullah Faiz Dagistani about Sheikh Abdur Rauf al-Yamani and it is in page 371 of History and Guidebook of the Saints of the Golden Chain-The Naqshbandi Sufi Way.

China is under the authority of a Great Saint, who will be one of the Greatest Saints in the time of Mahdi (alai) and Easa (alai). His name is Abdur Rauf al-Yamani. Through his influence China will sign an agreement with the West not to use its nuclear weapons. China will split into many different small countries. There will be problems in the Far East, in the Korean Peninsula, and a great power will intervene to stop that conflict. A non-Arab Middle Eastern country will attack the Persian Gulf area, which will put the whole world into fear that the source of petroleum will
be cut off.”

Read more at Source

: http://www.sheiknazim2.com/preciousmoments.html

So, Allah shares the knowledge we don't know, with His
beloved ones. Because they are living their lives according
to the knowledge that thay know, Allah is giving them the knowledge,
they don't know. If we do the same, Allah will do the same for us.

Insh'Allah it will become apparent to
those who are sincere and looking with sincere eyes.

May Allah guide us to sincerity and to His
beloved ones, and to make every day better than the last,
according to the Holy Prophet(ASWS)'s advice,
May Allah bless him and his family and
companions. There is surely safety with them.
Ameen, for the sake of our Sheykh.

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