The Expander


“Do you know the description of the Prophet(ASWS), now? The Prophet’s(ASWS) beauty is always expanding, growing in so many sites…Do you know the description as it is now? No,…we are only mentioning His name…”

– Sheykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi

Allah (SWT)’s first creation was the Light of Rasool’Allah(SAWS). His Nur. The Prophet(ASWS) said, “I was a prophet when Adam(AS) was still between water and clay.”

From that light was created all of creation. Keeping this in mind, do you think it possible, that the beauty contained in all of creation, in all the universes, in all the heavens and the stars, in each drop of nectar that is formed in the belly of a flower, in each electron spinning in the plumage of a bird of paradise, in each explosion of color and light in the oceans and in the skies, can ever be limited by our perception of him as a “man”? And people today think they have the Prophet(ASWS) all figured out. Mash’Allah. It is enough for them, as Sheykh Effendi says, to bow their heads with complete and utter humility, and say, “Allah humma Salli Alaa, Muhammadin wa Alaa ‘Aalihi Muhammadin wa Sallim.”

Then, maybe, if you are sincere and have sown the seeds of Love for him in your hearts, with Allah(SWT)’s Grace and Rahmah, – will you then taste a drop of those oceans…

Insh’Allah Rahman, for such a taste, we will lay down all we cherish in this world, and what we hope to recieve in the next. Because there will be nothing better for us. The favor of our Lord is with He who Loves His Beloved. Subhan’Allah. The next time the words “Rahmatul-lil Alameen” roll off our tongues, we may reflect on the atoms of what we are saying. May Allah guide us to His beloveds. Ameen, Ya Rabbul Alameen. For the sake of our Sheykh.

Click to marvel at a glimpse of what is only a small part of Rasool’Allah(ASWS)’s fathomless ocean:

(Photographs: Rose courtesy of, Other flowers – courtesy of Michael Swanson’s blog)

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