Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim!

As-Salaam wa Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu,

Subhan’Allah! Just came back from Sidney Center,New York(upstate) where Shaykh Abdul Kerim Effendi and the Osmanli Naksibendi-Hakkani order host their Dergah. Spent the night in Dhikr, Sohbet, was blessed with a delicious dinner, dessert and after-dinner *entertainment as well as Fajr prayer, again followed by Dhikr and Sohbet. Words can not describe the purity of the ambience there. ALLAH has truly blessed that place, and it is only because of the presence of His Walis. My Father, Uncle and youngest brother accompanied me as well. Truly Unforgettable!

* Shaykh Effendi’s sense of humor must be experienced to be believed and each of the Mureeds is a Gem unto himself!

Subhan’Allah to the hospitality! Shukr-Alhamduillah! Shaykh Effendi took care of us so well as did The Mureeds. We were treated as honoured Kings. It’s so rare to find such love outside of family, or at all. May Allah grant respect to the rank of Shaykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi and all the mureeds. To sanctify his soul and station, and the station of Grandshaykh Nazim al Hakkani, and to protect them and their families and all those who they’ve touched. Ameen.

Mash’Allah, the sweeping farm-landscape, the scenic valleys, the crisp air, the ice-cold mountain water in which we did wudu, the simplicity and genuinity of all the Mureeds will remain embedded in the innermost sanctum of my heart. Subhan’Allah, that there are still places and people like this left in these times. Last night a baby lamb was born in the manger, while an extraordinary and unexplainable love was born in my heart for Him whose mercy allowed me to experience such a day, and to his close beloveds who carry out the Prophet’s example as a way of life.

Wonderful Animals – Horse, Sheep, Turkeys, Geese, Goat, a Jama’at of cats, a cow and even a Donkey in a pear tree ;). Who can say no to that!

Can’t wait to go back for Mawlid next weekend, Insh’Allah! May Allah guide us and may we have the sense to wake up, in each and every minute in our life. These minutes are all precious and they will never return once gone. Let us spend them with purpose and wisdom and in the company of those closest to Him. Ameen, Ya Rabbil Alameen.

Was’Salaam wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu.

Shaykh Abdul-Kerim Effendi with Bilal and Jinnkiz the Cat

3 thoughts on “Dergah

  1. Salam Alaykum,

    Mashallah a truly amazing experience you’ve had in the company of your Shaykh and his mureeds.
    May Allah purify our hearts and increase our connection with His beloved servants and allow us to utilise our time with our Shuyukh, Ameen.

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